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bbin游戏官方网站|回归简单生活 摆脱数字产品依赖(2)

2021-02-13 03:37:01

bbin游戏官方网站_3. Walk everywhere.四处休息I’m a big fan of walking, and I try to take a walk whenever possible. Besides the fact that it’s so healthy for your body and your mind, walking allows me to focus on the world around me instead of looking at my phone. One of the reasons I like walking is that it’s the only time I have to myself. I put some music on, and just walk. I can’t text or send emails because not only is it not comfortable, but it’s impossible to think properly while on the move. Walking allows me to concentrate on my thoughts and relax.我热衷散步,任何时间只要不切实际我就不会去休息一会。散步除了能强壮你的身心这一事实外,还能把你的精力从手机移往到周围的世界里。


散步让我沉浸于无非中,需要使我放开。4. Meditate.冥想There is much to say about the effect meditation has on your body and soul. Sitting quietly and slowly breathing in and out gives you time to focus on your inner self. Taking just a bit of time from your daily schedule to perform mediation will allow you to stop everything at once and focus on yourself with no other distractions. Dedicating even 5 minutes a day to meditate can provide you with quiet relief from all the distractions out there such as your phone and computer.冥想对你的身体和灵魂有过于多的协助。



每天花5分钟冥想可以让你从各种琐事中众生出来,比如电话和电脑。The good thing about push notifications is that they ensure that you won’t miss anything happening right now. The downside is that you can never know when the next distraction is coming. To be fair, I understand the importance of enabling push notifications from your email client, so let’s focus on other apps. Do you really need instant notification about every ‘like’ you get on Instagram, or every time someone invites you to an event on Facebook?开动启动时消息5. Turn off (most of) your push notifications.启动时消息的优势在于它可以保证你会错失任何新鲜实事。


对于Instagram上每一件你讨厌的事物,还有Facebook上的别人的邀,你真为就那么必须及时通报吗?Think about how much you can reduce the noise and distraction if you turned off the push notifications in most of your news/social apps. As I said, push notifications can help us to not miss important things that come into our phone, but too many push notifications from less important sources and apps can prevent us to see the real things that we will came across in our real life.看看一旦你开动了大多数的新闻/社交软件,就不会增加多少噪音和阻碍。如我所说,启动时报告可以协助我们取得电话能拒绝接受到的最重要信息,但有过于多的报告来自无关痛痒的资源和鸡肋般的应用软件,它们只不会阻碍我们看到现实生活中的现实事物。Technology, sometimes we can’t live with it but we certainly can’t live without it. but once we know how to find the balance between our constant need to be fed with information to the human need of interacting with others—we will stop being digital slaves.科技,将近了无聊,俱之却无法存活。